3 Top Stranger-Danger Tips

Presented by Kent Estes

Parents you need to train your children in child safety, and you need to know what to do in case a Stranger approaches them. I have taught hundreds of children on how to protect themselves from danger. We learn by doing, this is why parents need to go over these 3 simple rules that will protect their kids. You do not want this to happen to your child.

Rule #1
Run, Run, Run as fast as you can

Rule #1, your feet, which means run away, when there is danger a child should run away. Running away is a child’s best defense against danger. Teach your children to think of their feet, it will be easy for them to remember because they will always have their feet with them. Hollywood makes it look like children can beat up an adult but in reality an adult will always win. The key here is to run away from danger and this keeps you safe.

Rule #2 Keep away from me—-Distance
Rule #2, your hands , which means keep distance from strangers. Teach your children when they are away from you they need to keep distance away from strangers. A person may look OK on the outside but he is sick on the inside. We never know who is sick and who is OK. We need to keep away from strangers to be safe. Hold your hands up and this is how you remember rule #2, you do not want anyone to get close enough to grab you, if someone tries to get close to you, go back to rule #1 and run away.

Rule #3 No Talking
Rule #3, your mouth, which means no talking. People who kidnap children try to trick them. They ask kids to help them look for a dog or a cat or things like this. The best thing you can do is, not to talk to strangers or anyone else when you are away from your parents. You remember rule #3 because you will always have your mouth with you. Kids this is the time when it is OK to be rude to other adults. We do not want you talking to strangers. If a stranger tries to talk to you, say, “go ask an adult”? or “I do not know I am only a kid”. The least you say the better. Then remember rule #2 keep away by holding up your hands and rule #1 run away if there is danger near. Parents need to teach their children where to run to if there is danger. Run to your house, a trusted neighbors house, a relatives house, a Police Station or Fire Station or somewhere you want your children to run to, if there is danger near.


  1. A good article, but a few flaws. Have known of situations where a child needed help or protection from a stranger..for example they were injured or sick or threatened, bullied, and needed help. If they are so indoctrinated to fear strange adults..how can they discern who is trustworthy?

    • We feel it is always wise to er on the side of caution. Better safe than sorry type of thinking. THe age old question that comes to mind is, “Can a bad person do a good thing and fool someone into thinking they are good?” All strangers are not bad, but the problem is you cannot tell from looking at them. If all bad people looked scary then our job would be easy, but that is not the case. I think you would agree that you would rather have your child run away from someone they don’t know and tell you about it than end up missing or worse. We teach our children to use their mind bank. If the person that is trying to talk to them is not in their mind bank and parents have not told them about this person then run away.

  2. One good way to protect children from predators is not put a ID tag on their personal belongings with their name, address or phone number on the tag. But then with not ID tag on their belongings how do they get lost/misplaced property back. I suggest they attach a SmartiTag to their child’s belongings, there is no name, address or phone number on the tag, but when someone finds the lost/misplaced belonging the finder and owner can be in touch in 7-20 seconds (not id revealed) to make arrangements, in a public place to get the lost/misplaced belongings back. Your child’s ID ids 100% protected with a SmartiTag, also great for putting on your personal car/house key ring and luggage. Last thing you want is for someone to know you are on a trip and your name, address and phone number is visible on your luggage tag. But not with a SmartiTag.

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